Frequently Asked Questions: 


1.  How do I make a reservation with Lake Mac RV Rentals?


Step 1: Review the FAQ and Reservation Agreement  

Step 2: Submit Reservation Form / Driver's License 

Step 3: Book your reservation. Full payment with security deposit ($450) is due when making a reservation.  


In addition to the camper rental unit rate- you will be charged a one-time, non-refundable processing fee $45.00, on-line booking fee and Credit Card Transaction Fee.

2. Do you tow and set up the camper anywhere we want?


Yes, FREE towing in designated areas. Additional towing fees are specified in the Rental Agreement. Towing includes round trip, set up and waste removal. Self Towing is prohibited.  If indicated per Game and Parks, beach reservation may be required.

3.  Are we allowed to tow the camper ourselves?


NO, Unfortunately self towing is prohibited. 

4.  What if I am unable to fill water and dump the tanks before returning the camper?


When returning the camper we include FREE waste removal . A nominal charge of $175, for waste removal and water re-fill when requested during your reservation stay.   We will tow your camper up to the dump station and reset it back down.  

5.  Why do we have to bring a sunshade if the camper already has an awning?


Lake McConaughy is surrounded with vast open sandhills.  Weather changes can occur drastically with little or no time to respond. Winds can cause havoc to anything not tied down or secured.  Even experienced die-hard campers can lose their sand toys with just one gust of wind. With that said, awning use is prohibited due to expensive replacements.  In order to have the camper serviced it would take the camper out of commission for a period of time.   

6.  What if we have to cancel our reservation due to weather / illnesses or emergencies?

During the 2020 season, NO Refunds will be honored, due to Covid-19 preparation.  

7.  Is our reservation transferrable to a different party? Or can we reschedule to a different date?

Reservations are not transferrable to a different party.  You are able to reschedule your reservation to a different date if the date is available within the same season.  Your rescheduled camper rental must be equal value to the previous reservation. You are unable to reschedule another reservation for the same season if you cancel within 30 days of the arrival date. 

8.  Do you offer any discounts?


Yes, we appreciate and honor the services of all active military personnel.  A 10% discount on the camper unit nightly rate.  The discount applies to the military personel that is reserving the camper unit and must submit a copy of their military I.D card. 

9.  What if our camper needs servicing? 


You will have complete orientation to the camper's system prior to or upon the day of arrival.   Our "Kiosk" camper rental program provides  additional amenities for you to be able to be self-sufficient.  If we are unable to correct the problem via phone call; and depending on the location of your camper;  we will certainly send a vendor to assist you.  A service charge will be assessed based on the location and time of the call.    Lake Mac RV Rentals cannot guarantee that all issues will be resolved, however we will make every attempt to rectify  any issues during your stay. 

10.  What is included in the camper?


All our camper rentals are equipped with a few cooking and cleaning supplies, disposable dinnerware set, dish soap, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags and most importantly- an additional 7 gallon water container and AS NEEDED Honda 2000 watt generator.  Our Standard Amenities are listed on the amenities page and your Reservation Form and Rental Agreement. You are responsible for bedding, sunshade, towels and personal items.   


First time Big Maccers must be prepared for primitive camping.  Your camper unit will have the necessities- lights, water, propane and battery.  Conservation is the key!  If you want to use the air conditioner, you would have to rent an additional Honda 2000 watt generator with a parallel cord. 

11.  I have never been to Lake McConaughy, What should I expect?


Lake McConaughy is surrounded with miles and miles of sand.  The sandy beaches are thick and fluffy.  You must have a four wheel drive to navigate around the beaches.  Be prepared for variable weather. Winds can come up suddenly.  Tents, sun shades, and beach toys must be tied down and secured.  When winds come from the North pesky horse flies hang around the water's edge.  It helps to have long sleeves and pants.

On the other end of the spectrum- Lake McConaughy has warm dry air, bright sunshine- perfect for sunbathers and boaters, and amazing sunrises and sunsets, beautiful blue waters that sparkle like diamonds.  When the night skies are clear, you can see our "Milky Way" galaxy as you never seen it before. Once you experience Lake McConaughy and you are prepared for the unexpected- you will come back year after year!

12.  Can we reach you after hours?

Office hours are 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday.  During the camping season- we are available daily 8 am- 5pm.  Emergency calls will be assessed and after hour charges will be applied. 

13. What if we want you to re-locate our camper after we arrived?


It takes tremendous amount of time and labor to re-locate your camper that already has been placed and setup.  We will make all efforts to place your camper in the location requested.  If there is a specific location, we recommend that you arrival early morning to pick your own location.  YES, for a nominal fee $75 we can re-locate and place your camper after the initial set-up. Please contact the office to provide credit card information prior to relocation. 

14.  What if we want a generator?


You will be given a Honda 2000 watt generator at no extra charge, if you did not bring your own- AS NEEDED basis.  This will keep your battery charged and run 120 volts.  In order to use air conditioning you would have to rent another Honda 2000 watt Generator.  The rental rate is $50 per day, for an 8 hour period.  You will be given a free tank of unleaded gas. We also provide an empty gas can for your convenience to re-fill with NON-ETHANOL GAS if you run out.  Upon check in and check out you are given the metered count.  This will determine how much you have used.  Anything extra will be billed accordingly. Please see the rental agreement for details. 

15.  What if we run out of water?


Water tanks can range from 30 gallons to 45 gallons.  Either way, you must conserve!  Your camper monitor displays the water level and holding tank status. Water refill for clients are $30. If you have a lot of people using your bathroom, you will definitely run out of water.  There are shower houses located throughout the lake, please use those.  For your convenience we have provided a 7 gallon water container, however- if you refill your camper with it, monitor the holding tanks as it may cause it to be too full and you would have to arrange for waste dumping service call- $175.00.

16.  I have never rented a camper before. What is my expectation?


Questions regarding your camper and reservations can be found throughout this site.  You can always call for answers.  You will be given orientation to the camper. Unless you are plugged in to full electrical , water/sewer hook ups- Primitive camping has limitations. We will make effort to make sure all systems work.  If there are system issues; you will be notified prior to your arrival.   Your orientation will cover all systems and troubleshooting guide.  This will help assist you in solving any issues.  Our Kiosk Camper Rental program provides you clean and comfortable campers.  

If you primitive camp- you will NOT have unlimited water, electricity, sewer.  Your camper has limited supply of fresh water and holding tanks for sewage.  Generators and AC may quit working due to the harsh environment. Things can happen outside of our control and may not be fixed during your stay.  We are in a remote site that has NO RV services- we will do what we can to resolve issues, with what resources we have.  WE ARE NOT A HOTEL AND WE DO NOT PROVIDE CONCIERGE SERVICES! Primitive camping is not for everyone and we expect all our clients to go through the orientation and understand the limitations and restrictions of renting a camper. 

17. Do you allow pets?


Yes, we allow dogs, only in designated camper units.  Each dog is charged $30per night/ per camper, weight limit of 75 lbs. If we discover a pet that has not been approved prior to your reservation; we will assess a larger fee. Please see reservation agreement.   

18.  What is my responsibility?


Besides returning the camper clean and (if you use outside towing vendors-waste dump emptied and fresh water filled) you are responsible for the following:

1.  State Park Vehicle Permit. Obtain at the entrance gate or Visitor Center.

2.  Camping permit for the days you have rented the camper unit. Please affix the permit in the window of the camper or the campground post so it is visibly seen by the Game and Parks.

3. If required by Game and Park-  Beach reservation or primitive campsite permit 

4.  Bring sunshade, Linens, bedding and personal items. Standard Amenities are provided. 

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