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About Lake McConaughy


Lake McConaughy also known as “Big Mac” with its smooth white beaches and blue waters, has been the lake of choice for many Nebraskans; as well as the surrounding states.  Approximately 9 miles north of Ogallala near Highway 26 and Hwy 61, Lake McConaughy is a reservoir on the North Platte River.  It was constructed to store water for irrigation and later also used as a hydro-electric plant . Between 1936 and 1941 the lake was formed by Kinglsey Dam.  When full,  the lake's capacity is approximately 4 miles wide  76 miles of shoreline, and 22 miles long and 145 feet deep,near the dam. The source of water for Lake McConaughy is primarily the North Platte River and snowmelt from the mountains in Wyoming. 


Water flows out of Lake McConaughy through the Morning Glory Tower into the other side which is known as Lake Ogallala.  This smaller lake is known for great fishing as well as camping. 


Lake McConaughy  has become a popular recreational site for boating, jet skiing, tubing, wake boarding, fishing, hunting, bird watching, sand sculpting,  and perfect for  sailing enthusiasts such as  hobie cat, hydro foiling, kite surfing, parasailing,  and much much more. 

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About LakeMac RV Rentals

We first learned about "Big Mac" over 35 years ago. From then on, we have not missed a beat. Our kids grew up as sand babies.  And now, we find enjoyment seeing them share the lake with their friends.  

Our priceless experience is passed down to our customers.  Renting a camper provides you options. You can come indoors and protect yourself from the scorching sun or the harsh drastic weather.  While the winds howl over the sand you are protected from the elements.  Relax with a book or watch a movie that you haven't had time for.   At night, it is nice to hear the waves softly crashing on the shore while you lay in bed.  We want you to enjoy your visit in comfort even when the weather is not so perfect!

Here at Lake Mac RV Rentals, we pride ourselves in putting our customers first.  We make sure that you are treated just like you were our very first client. We focus on customer satisfaction.  All of our camper units are inspected after each client.  We thoroughly clean, each unit and make sure that all the systems work adequately. So you can focus on what really is important...playing hard, enjoying the scenery and having fun with your friends and family.

With over three decades of Lake McConaughy experience and our drive to making Lake Mac RV Rentals a household name, we welcome you to experience Lake McConaughy and Lake Ogallala in comfort.  Give us a call if you have any questions on our services or products.  Thanks for visiting our website and hope to "see ya on the beach"

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